Change Liteblue USPS SSP PIN

Liteblue USPS SSP PIN: USPS Self-service profile is a very important website for the United States Postal Service employees to create an SSP account, update SSP profile, employee email address, change or set up a password and add security questions.

SSP Pin is not the same as the ACE Password. Passwords are used across all the USPS Liteblue HR applications. SSP PIN is used for authentication purposes (IVR transactions) only.

Change USPS Employee SSP PIN

change usps ssp pin

In case if the employees had forgotten the USPS SSP PIN, They had to go through a detailed procedure process to complete the reset of the PIN.


The self-service profile is a portal that allows employees to create an account, edit or change email addresses, change liteblue passwords, Update SSP PIN, and update security questions.

USPS Employees can change the PIN only for a limited time. It requires authentication.

How to Change or Update USPS SSP PIN

  • Employees can access the USPS SSP Portal at
  • Using their employee id and password, get access to the Self-service profile website.
  • Once the employee access the portal, they have access to change the PIN under the settings.
  • Click on the “Change PIN” to continue.
  • After verficiation, employee can change their PIN.

For a quicker solution, We recommend the employee contact the store manager to change the USPS SSP PIN. Kindly check our website for resourceful articles on Liteblue & USPS HR.


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