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Liteblue is the official Portal for USPS employees, eRetire LiteBlue USPS Retirement Application. You must have heard and seen about USPS, and United States Postal Services.

It is one of the largest mailing services in the world.

It supports various features for the People of the United Nations.

Company with over 300,000 employees over the planet. One of the best workforces in the world definitely needs features for their employees.

The liteBlue portal ( supports USPS workers to easily access their data and information in one place. As LiteBlue has a lot of information regarding employees, you need to log in to your account. Account details are provided to employees by USPS.

To make the LiteBlue website user-friendly, there are many portals.

One of the portals deals with all the retirement plans and information.

So this post concerns www liteblue usps gov workforce connection with LiteBlue USPS Employee Retirement Application eRetire.

It will help employees to choose between retirement plans.

LiteBlue USPS eRetire portal holds details about an employee’s eligibility to get a retirement plan or opt in/out of it. This service will help the employees who are uncomfortable communicating regarding retirement plans with the company executives.

Go through the whole article to find details about LiteBlue USPS Employee Retirement Application eRetire.

About Liteblue eRetire – USPS Employee Retirement

USPS being a semi-government company gives employment to over half a million U.S citizens. It is difficult to give proper support to everybody on an individual basis.

So LiteBlue created portals and one of them is eRetire. It provides retirement plans for the employees as per their service and works over the years. There are various factors deciding an employee’s retirement plan. Related to this, refer to USPS Job announcements.

With the eRetire LiteBlue Portal, the USPS workers will get proper details regarding the rules of different plans. This section on the portal is self-service, which allows users to look for plans, create plans, and know about retirement plans from their LiteBlue account.

There are basically different sets of retirement plans as follow:

  • Employees with 5 (FIVE) years of eligible retirement.
  • Employees with 180 days (Half-Year) of eligible retirement.
  • Employees who are currently eligible for retirement plans.

These sets define when the user can start finding their plans. These retirement plans are for all eligible full-time employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) company.

Related to this, employees can check their payroll in the usps liteblue epayroll login.

Part-time and postal inspectors can communicate to executives or department heads for manual estimation for their plans according to their service to the company. This data may reach employees via mail service within two weeks of inquiry.

USPS Employee Retirement criterions

Three groups which are mentioned above, express classes of people working under USPS. In this section, you will find brief explanations of each criterion. Go through them right now.

  • Eligible for 5 years of retirement: Employees who have about 5 years of duty left, may look for this section and print the details in advance. They can find all the retirement plan details and rules over the LiteBlue portal.
  • Eligible for 6 months of retirement: Employees under this category can estimate their retirement plans as per the first date of next month. Or seven/thirteen months from from date of eligibility.
  • The users who are already eligible can also enter custom date to check plan details easily from portal.

The users, who select the retirement plan can wait for their eligibility date. In advance, they can access the application form to request via mail service. For offline purposes, they can print the application form for their respective retirement plan.

With this portal, users can also schedule counseling and info-sharing session with executives. All you need to do is follow the USPS LiteBlue login website procedure.

On the portal from your account, follow My HR > Employee Apps > eRetire to access the portal. You will find all the user-friendly options there.

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